Performance You Can Trust.

Capability You Can Feel.
  • 7.6*2 lit./100 km
    Fuel consumption
  • Symmetrical AWD
  • 5 persons
    Seating capacity

Go Anywhere. Bring Everyone.

The Forester offers comfort, safety, and versatility to support you through all your daily adventures—while encouraging you to go on new ones. With a tough, compact body that’s easily manoeuvrable yet spacious and comfortable inside, Forester gives you the peace of mind from knowing everyone’s fully enjoying their time.

Jasper Green Metallic

Lineup & Features

Drive into Adventure.
Face new challenges. Explore the great outdoors. Do all the things you always wanted to do. It’s easy to imagine the possibilities with the Forester’s sporty design that sparks your excitement for adventure. The Sport model exudes confidence with an eye-catching orange trim and supports all your outdoor adventures while keeping everyone happy, comfortable, and safe.


Subaru Core Technology
Subaru’s core technologies identify the Subaru brand and give you the unique driving feel you can find only in a Subaru. These core systems allow Subaru vehicles to live up to its standards in performance, comfort, safety, and reliability while keeping its promise to deliver enjoyment and peace of mind to all passengers.


Subaru All-Around Safety
When your car gives you peace of mind, life becomes more enjoyable. That’s why at Subaru, safety comes first. Originally rooted in aircraft manufacturing, Subaru continues its ‘people first’ policy by fine-tuning, testing, and retesting its advanced safety features, developed over 50 years. With the latest in collision protection/avoidance systems and unique technologies like Subaru Global Platform and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, Subaru continuously strives to improve All-Around Safety to envision an accident-free future.